Roxane Moreau®

Roxane Moreau, born in 1994 in Reunion Island, lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. She began her journey in the fashion and luxury industry in Paris for a decade. In 2022, her desire for a more authentic artistic approach led her to join the International Center of Photography (NYC).

Roxane's photographic story begins with a series of portraits of women, a work that finds its place in the pages of Vogue Italy. Over the years, due to her multicultural background with a Creole father and a jewish sephardic mother, her work has evolved towards a deeper exploration, delving into themes of uprooting, transgenerational memory, and cultural heritage.

Her artistic dedication to understanding the complexity of human existence manifests through a creative rather than purely documentary approach. Her photography becomes a conversation between the past and the present, capturing the nature of what makes us human.

Her latest project, "I am Still Afraid of the Dark," is showcased at Picto New York until the 24th of April.

Sony, Warner, Olympia Prod, Universal, Sisley, Uber Eats, The Industry NYC
Vogue, ELLE, Fisheye Magazine, Madame Figaro, Glamour

“I am Still Afraid of the Dark” at Picto New York, 12th - 24th of April 2024
Palm Studio Prize - Group show, 24th of May - 30th June at Melkwegexpo, Amsterdam
“Echoes of Uprooting” at Galerie 33, Saint-Denis, Reunion Island, October 2024