“Echoes of Uprooting: An Intimate Exploration”

Uprooting — The notion of being torn from one’s home, customs, and the fabric of existence. It’s a narrative deeply woven into human identity, a narrative in which I find myself intricately entwined.

In this nomadic exploration, I navigate through my ancestral heritage, carrying within me both the nourishing fruits of my cultural legacy and the enduring scars of those who preceded me.

Unlike the involuntary emigration of my Jewish grandparents due to the Algerian War in 1962, my own journey unfolded along a distinct trajectory. 

Nevertheless, within the complexity of human kind, I discern the echoes of their fears and apprehensions — an ancestral fear of losing it all or perpetually drifting without refuge. Thus, I seek out this «place,» a realm where I could truly belong.

Over the past fifteen years, I’ve resided on four different continents. My choice has remained unwavering, as my childhood was steeped in the proximity of the sea. A sea that reached out its arms, inviting me to embrace the entire world. And as fate would have it, I too embarked on a transformative odyssey in my teenage years, severing ties with my country of origin up to this day.

Yet, I realize underestimating the profound imprint of this uprooting. The gradual encroachment of solitude within my heart and thoughts, the persistent ache of an unfulfilled quest for identity, and the unrelenting pursuit of a sense of belonging in lands where familiarity remains elusive.

Returning to this place that witnessed my growth, I am greeted as a stranger, a stranger striving to meld with the scenery. Strangeness has become an inherent part of me.